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Lets get straight to portfolio update.

Source: Cimb- Itrade account

Summarized Analysis

  1. My allocated capital for the portfolio remains the same at RM 250,000.
  2. I sold shares of Public bank, Petronas Gas and Maybank for very small profit (and in some case, loss)
  3. I bought 3,000 shares in Top glove at an average price of RM 7.011 per share, and added another 4500 shares of Supermax, to make it a total holdings of 9,000 shares in the company at average cost of RM 8.752 per share. (Supermax is having a very heavy weightage in my portfolio now)
  4. Currently, total dividends collected stands at RM 9,329. Realized capital gain stands at RM 19,599. Total gains from this portfolio is RM 28,928. (The actual figure is slightly lower, as this figure excludes transactions costs).
  5. Unrealized losses has reduced drastically to RM 2,911. This is way lower than the unrealized losses in October which was RM 18,973. Clearly, recovery play was the theme of the month, so many stocks recovered to their pre-covid prices.
  6. More vaccine related news were issued over the month of November, which brought back a lot of positivity into the market.
  7. I am expecting this to continue in the month of December and in 2021.
  8. My cash balance is at RM 33,165. Will be looking at deploying this cash for further investments in the month of December 2020 and 2021.
  9. My stake in Top glove and Supermax remains riskiest in this portfolio as there are a lot of news about how the discovery of vaccines will have a negative impact on glove demand. Whether this is true, remains to be seen.
Realized capital gain as at 30th Nov 2020:- Source Cimb-itrade account

Dividend Highlights

  1. My dividend collected since the start of the portfolio is RM 9,329. (October: RM 8,609)
  2. Received RM 720 from Favelle Favco in the month of November 2020.
  3. From the total dividends collected to-date, RM 3,700 worth of dividends received belongs to shares I am still holding.
  4. RM 5,629 worth of dividends collected belong to shares I bought and sold throughout the year. (Breakdown shown below)
Source: Cimb itrade: Dividends collected from shares that I sold


  1. I am looking forward to reach total dividend collection of RM 10,000 in the month of December. Hoping to achieve that through my investments in Jaycorp.
  2. Jaycorp has declared a dividend of RM0.065 cents on 16th November 2020. It will go ex on 14th December 2020 and payment is expected to be received on 30th December 2020. Will be receiving RM 975 for the 15,000 shares I am holding.
  3. I will also be selling some stocks in my portfolio in December, and will transfer the RM 10k ++ dividends collected to date to my CDS account for reinvestment purpose. (Note: Dividends are normally paid to my savings account, not my share trading account, so I have not transferred any of it into my CDS account)
  4. Finally, with a total gain of RM 28k +/-. I am looking forward to reinvest this profits into buying “free “shares in 2021. Will be keeping track of this separately in my portfolio for the next 10 years.


By end of December. I will be working on creating my dividend goals for 2021. I will also look at adding more capital to the portfolio. Currently finalizing my action plan, for all my investment portfolios.

Thank you for reading.

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