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The is my portfolio summary and updates:-

Source: From Cimb- itrade account.
Gains and losses were update by myself.
(The figures in purple are my “free” shares )

Summarized Analysis

  1. The capital for this portfolio remains at RM 300,000 (RM 250k in 2020)
  2. Dividend target for 2021 is RM 15,000
  3. The latest portfolio value is RM 296,863.The unrealized loss amounts to RM3,137 (1% loss).
  4. For the record, the portfolio value was at RM 327,536 and the unrealized profit was RM 27,536 as at 30th April 2021.
  5. The portfolio is fluctuating heavily month to month. Thanks to my heavy holdings in glove related counters, Supermax and Top glove. After a very promising rebound last month, I am now back to square one, with Supermax dropping from RM 6+/- to RM 4+/-.
  6. Since Supermax is my biggest holding, the whole portfolio has taken a beating. Still holding on to my positive thesis for glove, however its likely to be a long and tedious journey, and may need some averaging down.
  7. My progress towards a RM 1 million portfolio by 2030 is at around 29% as at May 2021.
  8. For new readers, my goal is to hit RM 1 million in portfolio value by Dec 31st 2030 at a dividend yield of 6%, i.e RM 60,000 dividends per year. (The goal is not fixed, is just for me to keep track).
  9. Portfolio growth will be achieved through adding on my own capital from active income, reinvesting my dividends and any organic growth in portfolio value.
  10. Cash balance is RM 10,474. This includes the dividends collected since Jan 2021, amounting to more than RM 9K. (Please refer to dividend highlights below for further details).
  11. There are “free” shares (3 companies) in my portfolio, and they are Hupseng, Kip reit, and Attrium reit. Free shares are those that I invested using realized capital gains and dividends collected previously.
  12. I did not buy or sell any shares in the last 5 months.

Dividend highlights

  1. While the portfolio is showing a yo-yo performance, The dividends collected are on the right track.
  2. Dividends collected to-date is amount to RM 9,758. This is a 65% progress towards my RM 15,000 goal (2021)
  3. Dividends collected in the month of May is RM 874. RM650 from United Plantations, and RM 224 from Kipreit.
  4. I am expecting more dividends in June. The dividends are expected from Atrium reit, Supermax ,and Zhulian. Looking forward to reach RM 10k mark in June.
  5. I have not invested this year’s dividend yet. Hope to do so in the second half of the year.

Concluding thoughts.

In terms of my day job, The month of May has been a very busy month for me. I was busy preparing my students for their ACCA exams. If you are an ACCA student reading this blog article and you are going for June exams, I wish you all the best and may god bless you with the best of results.

I am happy to have a job in the midst of a pandemic and am every grateful to have other sources of active income such as my consulting work. I will slowly be saving up capital for my various investment portfolios.

In terms of my very own private portfolios, I am also grateful to have started my investment journey when I was much younger, for the past 17 years. The compounding effect and constant ringgit and dollar cost averaging is finally showing its results, with a reasonable amount of passive income for me.

Currently, FIRE is not a goal for me, because I am still very much in love.(with my job)

Coming back to this dividend 2030 portfolio which I started around May 2020,

While there is no right or wrong when it comes to investments, there is a price to pay when we overexpose to a particular sector. The reason for the heavy swings in this portfolio is due to my extremely heavy exposure to glove sector. I am happy with the dividend performance, but a bit disappointed with the share price performance.

Nevertheless, I will continue to monitor them and take the necessary action when the time is right.

June is going to be way more interesting than May, as I will be getting some good dividends from Supermax. (Around RM 1.9k). Also happy to see UOA development proposing 15cents dividend per share (expected payout in July or August).

Top glove will be issuing their quarterly report on 9th of June and I am eagerly waiting to see their performance to see how much dividend will be declared.

In the last quarter, Top glove achieved a super profit of RM 2.9 billion, thanks to the rising ASP and demand due to covid. It should be slightly lower in the current quarter. For me, I knew this is bound to happen, and as long as the profits do not drop drastically to pre-covid levels, I will be more than satisfied.

Stay safe and Thanks for reading.

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