Welcome back to another update of Dividend2030 portfolio. April has been much better than March.

This is my portfolio summary:-

Source: From Cimb- itrade account. Gains and losses were update by myself. (The figures in purple are my “free” shares )

Summarized Analysis

  1. The capital for this portfolio remains at RM 300,000 (RM 250k in 2020).
  2. Dividend target for the year is RM 15,000.
  3. The latest portfolio value is RM327,536. The unrealized profits including dividends collected to-date RM27,536. (9% gain)
  4. For the record, the portfolio value was RM 281,392 and at an unrealized loss of RM 18680 as at 31st January 2021.
  5. In other words, the portfolio has rebounded strongly in terms of value. This was mainly due to the slight rebound in glove stocks, including Supermax and Top glove, which remains my top two shareholding. While they rebounded, they continue to sit at an unrealized loss (lower). In addtion, a number of stocks including Formosa Prosonic, Zhulian and Atrium reit are sitting at nice unrealised gains this month.
  6. Sentiment for glove remains uncertain although there has been a rebound. The slight rebound could be due to rising cases of Covid globally. I will continue monitoring the fundamentals and price movement for the remainder of the year before deciding whether to hold, average down or cut loss. I need more visibility before making a decision.
  7. My progress towards my RM 1 million portfolio by 2030 is at around 33% as at 30th April 2021.
  8. For new readers, my goal is to hit RM 1 million in portfolio value by Dec 31st 2030 at a dividend yield of 6%, i.e RM 60,000 dividends per year.
  9. Portfolio growth will be achieved through adding on my own capital from active income, reinvesting my dividends and any organic growth in in portfolio value is a sweet bonus to have.
  10. Cash balance is RM 9599. This includes the dividends that have been collected since Jan 2021, amounting to more than RM 8K. (Please refer to dividend highlights below for further details).
  11. There are “free” shares (3 companies) in my portfolio, and they are Hupseng, Kip reit, and Attrium reit. Free shares are those that I invested using realized capital gains and dividends collected previously.
  12. I did not buy or sell any shares for the last 4 months.

Dividend highlights

  1. While I am happy that the portfolio has turned green (from red last month), The dividends collected to-date has really exceeded my expectations.
  2. Dividends collected to-date is amount to RM 8883.60. This is a 59% progress towards my RM 15,000 goal (2021)
  3. Dividends collected in the month of April is RM 3884, and this is the highest I have collected to-date.
  4. I received some good dividends from Formosa Prosonic (RM 1,400), Jay corp (RM 500), Top Glove (RM 1,764) and Hup Seng (RM 220)
  5. I am expecting more dividends in the month of May and June. The dividends are expected from Atrium Reits, Supermax, United Plantations and Zhulian. Looking forward to reach RM 10k dividends mark in the next few months.
  6. I have not invested this year’s dividend yet. I will be looking to add more “free” shares in 2021. (Hoping for at least 2 more). Currently, I am studying Uchitec, Matrix and Scientax.

Concluding thoughts

March has been a horrible month in terms of portfolio performance but April has given me double happiness. I remain grateful for the rebound and hope things improve in the next few months.

I am glad I didn’t make any rushed decisions, such as cutting loss on Supermax or Top glove.

Glad to have remain invested although these counters are still my biggest losers in my portfolio. I will continue to monitor the performance in the next few months.

Thank you for reading.

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